Silkk The Shocker

Multi-Platinum Recording artist, Silkk The Shocker, played a pivotal role in establishing the success of No Limit Records; one of the most lucrative independent Record Companies of all time. No Limit Records has topped out at 70 million records, Silkk personally contributing millions of record sales to that number. After his success with No Limit Records, Silkk transformed himself from music mogul to full time businessman and entrepreneur. Now he’s back and stronger than ever…
When asked about his new inspiration Silkk stated, “Me coming back just feels right and I’m in a good place musically. I’m doing some of my best work.’’
He added, “ It’s no pressure and I feel like I’m better than ever, and I can’t wait to link back up with my fans and connect to new ones.” Silkk is currently in the studio working to finish his newest album, “Incredible.” Be sure to stay on the lookout, as Silkk will be hitting the tour road soon…

Author, educator, innovator and motivator, Silkk leads a life of leadership and mentorship. He firmly asserts, “My sole purpose in life it to help educate men.” He has released his first book titled, “Man Up,” where he details his own personal life experience to aid in the development of young men making the transition into manhood. He also gives wise insight on how to conquer challenges men encounter on a daily basis. This powerful piece of literature will also include a course, an exam and numerous other features created to benefit the male reader.

Silkk has clearly marked his territory as a philanthropist, but he isn’t stopping anytime soon. “Giving back is the key to true success,” Silkk proclaims. Not only has he developed programs to give back to underserved communities, he has also personally funded them as well. Silkk is an active partner in “IRISE”; a youth mentorship program that utilizes sports to help educate and build character.
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